Tobie Grama, LCSW


We all feel sad sometimes.  Sadness is a normal part of our range of emotions. Sometimes when sadness lingers for long periods of time or feels bigger than it should given the situation, it can really interfere with our day to day functioning.

When sadness crosses the line to depression we can experience some or all of the following: a general lack of interest in everyday activities, chronic fatigue, withdrawal from our social and family network, difficulty making decisions, sleep disturbance, anxiety, irritability, problems with concentration, changes in appetite, problems with concentration or memory, excessive self-blame, suicidal thoughts.

Feelings of depression often follow loss or trauma. In addition, family history of depression, stressful lifestyle and a tendency to hold feelings inside can also cause depression.

Depression can creep up on us without us realizing it. Often, we think if we ignore it, it will go away. It rarely goes away on its own. If you're feeling depressed it's important that you make an appointment to begin the road to healing.

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