Tobie Grama, LCSW


Emotional Trauma can occur from any situation that makes us feel unsafe, intensely shamed, fearful or powerless.

Some examples of common traumatic events are:

  • Physical Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Car Accident
  • Medical or Dental Procedures
  • Physical Abuse in Childhood
  • Emotional Abuse in Childhood
  • Sexual Abuse in Childhood
  • Bullying

However, emotional trauma can occur from many other types of situations that overwhelm us emotionally.

When we experience an emotional trauma our brain remembers the sounds, smells, images and sensations of the event. If the trauma remains unprocessed, the primitive part of our brain overreacts to any future situation that reminds us of the originial traumatic event.

These overreactions can be debilitating. They can cause depression and anxiety. They can keep us from being intimate in relationships or can develop into phobias or can cause us to have large emotional reactions to people or situations that don't warrant it.

EMDR and Talk Therapy are particularly helpful for healing trauma.

If you've experienced trauma from your past that has not been processed, it is likely affecting your present ability to enjoy your life.

You don't have to continue living like this - call me for an appointment so I can help you heal from your trauma.

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